Endangered Species

Echo Active focuses on threatened species, the ecosystems they inhabit and community groups and ecotourism operators who help to conserve them by creating incentives for conservation. We raise awareness about threats to native wildlife from logging, mining and other development.

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Members: Help Us Seed Fund to Raise Awareness

Members who buy monthly or annual memberships help us fund the creation of content such as videos featuring threatened species. For each month you're an active member, you get a seed to donate to one of these species. Once we reach our seed target of 3000 seeds for a species, we'll create a short documeantary featuring threats to its survival and what's being done to help.

Pick from the critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum or Helmeted Honeyeater or nominate a species to be listed.

Activists: Get a Page on Our Site

If you know a lot (or a little) about an endangered species or ecosystems and are keen to help create content about it, sign up for free as an Activist and help us spread the word! Find out more here.

To search by location, visit our Endangered Species and Threatened Ecosystems maps