Save Tanglefoot

Stop Logging Now - Save Tanglefoot
​​This freshly logged coupe in Toolangi, Victoria includes patches of cool-temperate rainforest, an ANU monitoring area and is just 200m from the Tanglefoot car park, a tourist destination that connects with popular walking trails. It's also very close to the Kalatha giant, an iconic 400 year old Mountain Ash gum. Critically endangered Leadbeater's...
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Riding for the Great Forest

Great Forest Rider
Riding for the Great Forest is an open ended grass roots cycling campaign, highlighting the majesty of the central highlands of Victoria. Its mission is to raise the profile of the proposed Great Forest National Park by getting out and about it on a bicycle. This campaign was started by Aidan Kempster but anyone who wants to join the fun and go on ...
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Brentwood B&B

Brentwood B&B
Brentwood is a beautifully situated Bed and Breakfast located in the Yarra Valley, just 5 minutes drive from Toolangi State Forest and less than 90 mins from Melbourne. ​ Our Website | Instagram | Facebook | Call Us Leave Your Worries At Home Relax in our beautifully appointed apartments, with views to the gardens and mountains beyond. Our apa...
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Yellow-bellied Glider

Blossom, a Yellow-bellied Glider Joey via Taronga Zoo
The Yellow-bellied Glider lives along the East coast of Australia, from Northern Queensland to Victoria. Although it's not currently listed as threatened, its habitat is being decimated in Victoria's alpine areas and populations in NSW are facing extinction .

Toolangi & Victorian Central Highlands

Toolangi & Victorian Central Highlands
Toolangi means tall trees in Taungurung, a local indigenous dialect. Just 70 minutes from Melbourne, the area features old-growth rainforest and towering Mountain Ash gums, the tallest flowering trees on Earth. Toolangi is also home to the Leadbeater's possum, a critically endangered Aussie icon that's thought to number less than 1500.

Greater Sooty Owl

Sooty owl on hand by PacStar99

Prior to European settlement the Greater Sooty Owl was abundant in Victoria's montane forests. Due to loss of habitat, it is now listed as endangered in Victoria.

Baw Baw Frog

Baw Baw Frog by Claire Kelly
The Baw Baw Frog, Philoria frosti, a mottled brown-black native of Mount Baw Baw, is listed under the IUCN red list as critically endangered. The frog has a very restricted distribution, confined to an area of only 10 square kilometres in Victoria's Central Highlands.The frog recently experienced a massive population crash, surveys indicate that its numbers decreased by 98 per cent between 1993 and 2008, mainly due to logging and other environmental stresses. Numbers have slid even further in the past two years, and there are now less than 250 individuals now left in the wild.In 2012, the Victorian government withdrew $20,000 in funding for wild population surveys. Zoos Victoria has stepped in to allow the annual surveys to continue. Unfortunately, this funding does nothing to arrest the species' decline.

Leadbeater's Possum

Leadbeater's Possum

The Leadbeater's or "fairy possum" is Victoria's iconic faunal emblem.

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​​This freshly logged coupe in Toolangi, Victoria includes patches of cool-temperate rainf...
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